How Lucrative Are Growth Marketing Retainers

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Do you want to have a recurring stream of revenue? Would you want your clients to stay long-term with you?

If yes, then you should have growth marketing retainers in place. Growth marketing retainers not only help you add recurring revenue, but they also expand your skill sets and help you set yourself apart from the competition.

In this video, Jan Koch unravels the pros and cons of having growth marketing retainers for your agency and how you can successfully start selling these retainers to your clients!

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📖 What You’ll Learn:

1. Introduction – how Jan defines growth marketing retainers (0:00 -0:22)
2. Why should you consider growth marketing retainers (0:22 -1:36)
a. You learn new skillsets (0:22 – 0:48)
b. Add recurring revenue (0:48 – 1:00)
c. Clients will stay with you (1:00 – 1:16)
d. Set yourself apart from the competition (1:16 – 1:36)
3. The negatives of growth marketing retainers (1:36 – 3:02)
a. Need to make sure you deliver results (1:48 – 2:04)
b. Need to find new staff, additional training, or a white-label partner (2:05 – 2:14)
c. Need to have strict security processes (2:15 – 3:02)
4. How do you get started selling growth marketing retainers (3:04 – 4:00)
a. Identify your clients’ wants and needs (3:19 – 3:23)
b. Prioritize (3:24 – 3:34)
c. Systemize the delivery (repeatable, trackable, profitable) (3:34 – 3:43)
d. Hire yourself or get new team members (3:44 – 4:00)
5. Conclusion (Balance the budget with the time needs) (4:00 – 4:35)

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