How Do I Get Reviews?

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In today’s digital age, online reviews play a significant role. They provide an authentic insight into the quality of products or services and after-sale services offered by a company.
Whether you are a new business or an age-old company, it’s important to learn about online reviews and their significance in today’s world. Watch our video to know more about customer reviews.

Things explained in the video:
-What are customer reviews?
-Why do you need customer reviews?
-Why ask for customer reviews?
-How to get customer reviews?
-Why do you get a negative review?

Here are some techniques to get more customer reviews:

1) Collect contact details during billing: One effective way to get more customer reviews is to collect the user’s email address and phone number at the point of purchase. Once you have the customer’s contact information, you can send a friendly follow-up email after about a week and kindly request an honest review of their experience with your business. This approach can help generate more customer reviews.

2) Verbally mention that you’ll love feedback: Train your employees to make sincere requests for feedback to encourage customers to leave reviews. This tactic works best when a customer appears satisfied, and an employee can mention how much an honest review would be appreciated. However, it’s important to avoid being pushy when using this tactic.

3) Review reminders: You can use pop-ups or call to action to encourage more feedback. Use call-to-action and pop-ups on your website to lead users to your Google business profile.

4) Use social media: You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to encourage customer reviews.


00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:25 How Do I Get Reviews?
00:00:44 Reviews can influence a consumer’s decision
00:00:58 Customer reviews indicate ownership of an established business
00:01:14 Reviews can have a positive effect on your SEO rankings
00:01:27 Reviews increase engagement opportunities
00:01:44 How do you get reviews?
00:01:47 Identify the right time in the buyer’s journey
00:02:00 Leverage the buyer’s happiness moment
00:02:15 Ask for reviews during key periods
00:02:29 Include survey duration
00:02:41 Ensure an easy review process
00:02:55 Use popular customer review sites
00:03:08 Offer incentives
00:03:34 Ask for reviews after a successful project or service
00:03:41 Add a review in your email marketing campaign
00:03:45 Identify key customers and foster relationships
00:03:48 Include review links after checkouts or on receipts
00:03:55 Don’t be hesitant to follow up with customers.
00:04:00 Highlight your latest product reviews
00:04:04 What do you do if you get a negative review?

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