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When it comes to managing the health and success of your website, having the proper tools for the job is crucial. One of those tools without a doubt is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that tracks and reports your website traffic.

While Google Analytics is a massive tool, it can be difficult to know where to get started. Follow along with Scott and his buddy Andy as they take you through the top 5 datasets for you to be looking at in Google Analytics.

In this video you will learn:

00:00 – Intro
00:29 – Benefits of Google Analytics
01:05 – Site Visitors
01:45 – How People Find your Site
02:30 – Who, exactly, is Visiting your Site
03:08 – User Behavior
03:38 – Conversion Rate
03:55 – Sales Funnels and how to Build one
05:48 – Wrap Up

The Benefits of Google Analytics:
Tracking and reacting to what your website’s visitors are doing is key to improving every aspect of your website, and Google Analytics is the best tool to track those interactions.

Site Visitors:
One of the most crucial data sets that Google Analytics will pull for you is your Site Visitors. This will tell you how many unique visitors you had, how many hung around, and for how long, as well as tracking how many sessions of your website were active. This is a great initial metric to gauge the volume of daily traffic you may be seeing.

How People Find your Site:
Whether people are searching for your site directly, stumbled upon it on google, or hit one of your key search terms, Google Analytics will be able to tell you the difference between your traffic, so you know where to focus your attention when it comes to improving your SEO.

Who, exactly, is visiting your Website:
It is great to know how many people visit your site, but it is even better to know a bit about the people visiting your site. Some items to look out for are commonalities between those visiting your site. This can help you define your audience even further, and tailor your site for your visitors’ interests and needs.

User Behavior:
How your visitors interact with your site is crucial. This can help you identify any shortcomings in your website’s design that may be driving away potential conversions so that they can be addressed.

Conversion Rate:
It is important to track just how much of your traffic has converted. No matter if that is signing up for your email list, buying an item off of your online store, or becoming a part of your community, you want to know about it. Conversion rate can also help you identify any places your visitors may be getting stuck in your sales funnel.

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