Freelance to Agency via Personal Branding

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Do you want to win top-level projects? Are you done working as a freelance resource and wish to expand the scope of your work? Do you want to reduce your time spent finding new projects?

Here, Lee Jackson dives into his experiences of what it was like as a solo freelancer.

❌ He’d spend most of his time hunting for leads
❌ There was barely any time for marketing and sales
❌ He’d be competing for projects that paid pennies for his skills
❌ His confidence was through the floor

Lee then turned the tables in his favor with the help of personal branding. Because of this, he gets regular incoming leads and is no longer a bottleneck for the business.

Plus, he bids on projects confidently and gets fantastic projects that are fun to work on. Want that for yourself?

In this video, Lee Jackson shares three ways freelancers can build a personal brand that will help them develop their business from freelance to an agency.

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πŸ“– What You’ll Learn:

Introduction (0-0:46)
Lee Jackson shares his experience as a freelancer in the early 2000s (0:47 – 2:07)
Lee builds a personal brand and shares its benefits (2:08 – 3:31)
The 3 steps to building your personal brand (3:32 – 6:13)
Some things that hold people back from starting a personal brand (6:14 – 6:36)
Conclusion (6:37 – 7:16)

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