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At #WPCreatorCon, it was an enlightening conversation with two industry experts, Jason Cross, the SVP of Digital Presence and Commerce at Newfold Digital, and David Ryan, Senior Product Manager at Bluehost.

In this engaging discussion, our speakers delve into the intriguing realm of WordPress, exploring both – WordPress challenges and the promising future of e-commerce.

Discover how Bluehost, a pioneering force in the web hosting world, is spearheading advancements to create a brighter and more dynamic future for the web.
Get ready to gain valuable insights and be inspired by their vision for the ever-evolving landscape of digital presence and web commerce.

Things explained in the video-
-Safety of the platform
-What challenges WordPress will face in upcoming years?
How Bluehost plans to overcome WordPress challenges?
-What is the future of e-commerce?
-What is the vision of Bluehost?

The future of WordPress holds numerous benefits for users, making it an exciting prospect for individuals and businesses alike:

1) Enhanced User Experience: WordPress is continuously evolving to improve user experience. Upcoming updates and innovations are likely to offer more intuitive interfaces, simplified workflows, and better overall usability, making it easier for users to create and manage their websites.

2) Greater Flexibility and Customization: As WordPress progresses, it is expected to provide users with more flexibility and customization options. This means users can tailor their websites to align perfectly with their specific needs and branding, resulting in a more personalized and unique online presence.

3) Advanced Features and Functionalities: With each new version, WordPress introduces advanced features and functionalities that empower users to implement complex functionalities without the need for extensive coding knowledge. This opens up possibilities for users to create dynamic and sophisticated websites.

4) Improved Performance and Speed: The WordPress development team consistently works on optimizing the platform’s performance. Future improvements may lead to faster loading times, smoother user interactions, and improved overall website performance, which is essential for user satisfaction and SEO.

5) Enhanced Security Measures: Security is a top priority for the WordPress community. In the future, users can expect more robust security measures and quicker response times to potential vulnerabilities, ensuring a safer environment for their websites and users.

6) Mobile Responsiveness: As mobile usage continues to grow, WordPress is likely to focus on enhancing mobile responsiveness and ensuring seamless experiences across various devices. This adaptability is crucial for reaching and engaging a broader audience.


00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:46 Introduction – Jason Cross
00:02:19 Introduction – David Ryan
00:02:53 David’s favorite part about WordPress
00:04:02 Thoughts on WordPress advancements
00:05:39 Safety
00:07:15 New WordPress challenges
00:09:16 Future of Commerce
00:10:44 Bluehost Vision
00:12:05 New WordPress users

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