Domain Names: 3 Tips for Getting Started

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Choosing a domain name is essential to creating a successful online presence. Before you buy a domain name, it is important to know how to pick one as it impacts your business.
You don’t have to worry. This video will help guide you in choosing the right domain name, whether it is a business domain name or a personal blog.

Things explained in the video
-How to choose a domain name
-How to create a domain name
-Your thinking process while choosing a domain name
-Choosing the right domain extension or TLDs
-How to make your domain name memorable

Why knowing how to choose a domain name is important?

Firstly, what is a domain name? It is a unique address that identifies you or your business online. This is how your customers find you.
Now, could they find you with the wrong domain name, or one that doesn’t match you or your business? The wrong domain name can have even bigger impacts.
-It can cause branding, SEO, legal issues, and negative association issues.
-A domain name that is too complicated, long, or difficult to spell can make it hard for customers to find your website.
-Infringing on someone else’s trademark can lead to legal action, and a domain name that is too generic, offensive, or has negative connotations can hurt your brand’s reputation.

Hence it is necessary to know how to choose a domain name. This video will help you with that. You will know what a domain extension or TLD is, how to create a domain name, what domain availability means and much more. And all of these will help you make an informed decision.


0:00 – Intro
0:23 – Always think like a visitor
0:51 – Choose the right extension
1:14 – Make your domain memorable

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