Does Your Agency Really Need More Leads?

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Do you wish you had more leads in your agency?

Almost a decade ago, Lee Jackson was wasting countless hours trying to optimize his sales process. Now, he no longer has to spend long hours trying to gather leads, instead his agency’s getting paid to put forth quotes!

In this video, Lee Jackson talks about the importance of generating the right leads, instead of only the wrong ones, which ultimately lead to wrong conversations. The host of Trailblazer FM delves deep into his own methods, and how he managed to streamline the sales process.

Check it out!

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What this video covers:

Have you considered you might already have enough leads? (1:27-1:44)
Why are we running this agency? (1:45-3:19)
Unpacking our ideal client (3:20-3:48)
List the problems you solve for them (3:49- 5:10)

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