Do You Really Need A Page Builder?

Do you need a page builder when it comes to building a WordPress website?
If you are a developer and develop your themes, your first response would likely be, ”nope, I don’t need a Page Builder. I like to write my code, and that’s perfectly reasonable”.

If you find a theme that you like out of the box and don’t want to change much, you need a page builder. However, the thing is with page builders is that they allow you to change layouts quickly to build new landing pages rapidly without tampering with the code, without fiddling around with theme settings, and as a website owner, that is what you want 🔥🔥

If you run your website as a business to generate leads and make sales, efficiency should be a priority for you. Writing code from scratch to develop landing pages takes time. It’s just not efficient. Instead, why not hire a professional who understands page builders? You can hire a freelancer or work with a developer full-time.

To find out which page builder loads the fastest, we’ve compiled an article with nine of the most popular ones, ran extensive loading tests, and we have linked the article below this video for you to check out so that you can decide on which page builder you want to give a try ➡

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