Demystifying SOPs for Agencies

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Do you want to have more control over your agency business? Would you want to run processes in shorter time and take some time off your agency to focus on other important things on your priority list?

If yes, then you need to know how to define your agency’s standard operating procedures to raise the quality of service, make your team operate more smoothly, and have the freedom to spend your time by knowing exactly how to scale your team.

In this video, Jan Koch, demystifies SOPs for agencies by discussing the 4-step approach to creating impact-driven SOPs for agencies. Jan also talks about how creating an SOP helped his business, and how it can help your agency business grow!

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📖 What You’ll Learn:

1. Introduction – how Jan defines SOPs for Virtual Summit Mastery (0:00 -1:41)
2. Why is defining SOPs so important (1:41 – 2:20)
3. What struggle did Jan face when he didn’t have SOPs for multiple years and why (2:20 – 3:04)
4. What can happen with an SOP (3:04 – 4:28)
The team can make decisions on their own (3:04 – 3:46)
Your processes become efficient (3:46 – 3:54)
You don’t have to micromanage (3:54 – 4:00)
You can attract and retain more customers (4:00 – 4:28)
5. 4-step process to create SOPs (4:28 – 12:32)
Step #1: Identify repeating tasks (5:22 – 7:08)
Step #2: Document one item from the list (7:08 – 7:52)
Step #3: Refine the process (7:52 – 8:44)
Step #4: Screen record and add to SOP (8:44 – 12:32)

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