Cloudflare for WordPress Free vs Enterprise

Want to know which version of Cloudflare, Free or Enterprise, is right for you? In this video, Jan Koch helps viewers figure out which version of Cloudflare is the right one, to help them leverage brand authority and set themselves apart!

Cloudflare gives you basic security, a global CDN, and some decent caching options. Cloudflare Enterprise, however, is a whole different ball game, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

In this video, Jan Koch shows you how to gain award-winning support and leverage the true power of Cloudflare Enterprise, all with just a couple of clicks!

Learn all about Cloudflare enterprise services now available for all Cloudways users ➡

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What You’ll Learn:

What is Cloudflare?
Differences between Cloudflare Free and Enterprise
Cloudways and Cloudways’ Partnership (3:16)
Why should you use a CDN?
How to set up Cloudflare with Cloudways

Read more about all advanced features that come with the Cloudflare Enterprise add-on ➡

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