Cloudflare Enterprise Benefits for Agencies

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For agencies, one of the major concerns for clients’ websites is website security! Agency owners often struggle to fix performance issues and get overwhelmed with the plethora of security level tasks. But there is a quick fix to this situation!

In this video, Lee Jackson, Chief Architect at Event Engine and Cloudways Maverick, unravels the power of Cloudflare enterprise with just one click!

Many years ago, his agency had a high-risk client, who was experiencing regular downtimes every week. Lee and his team were spending a fortune on third-party firewall platforms to protect their site and keep it online. They just couldn’t risk losing high-value clients.

Lee breaks down how he was able to fix performance issues, decrease operating costs, free up their resources, and retain happy clients with Cloudflare enterprise.

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📖 What You’ll Learn:

Challenges Faced by Lee at His Agency (0:00 – 1:52)
The outcomes Lee experienced for his agency with Cloudflare (1:52 – 2:57)
Cloudways partnership with Cloudflare and benefits Build Your Platform (2:57- 5:35)

After you watch today’s video, read more about all advanced features that come with the Cloudflare Enterprise add-on here ➡

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