Benefits of Beaver Builder | Page Builder Series

Beaver Builder is one of the most established WordPress page builders. And it ranked really, really high in our comparison of the nine most popular page builders in terms of loading speed.

And also what you get with Beaver Builder is you get a whole family of just an incredible community that you become a part of when you join Beaver Builder as a customer and when you start using it for your projects.

They have a Slack group for support. They have a forum, they have, of course, other support channels as well. You get a page builder plugin that’s very well established. You get a theme that goes with it very, very well. And you get a bunch of other goodies that Beaver Builder sets itself apart from the competitors with.

So we highly recommend checking out Beaver Builder plus reading that article below the video so that you get an idea of how it compares in terms of loading speed against the other most popular choices. Enjoy the article ➡
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