Being All Things to All People Almost Ruined My Business!

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Will your business thrive if you offer everything the client asks?

Well, sure – initially, the revenue numbers can experience a hike. But we assure you, it won’t last!

The key to business growth is not taking in every opportunity that offers money. Instead, you need to consolidate your client base by creating a single vision for your business.

That’s the secret behind the success of every agency. FOCUS!

In this video, Jan Koch walks you through his experience of transitioning from an all-serving agency to a focused one. Hear him explain how this change directly led to the emergence of a successful business with satisfied clients.

Watch this video to learn more!

📖 What You’ll Learn:

1. Introduction (0:45-1:11)
2. Why is serving diverse clients a challenge? (1:39-2:31)
3. Why is a focused approach better? (2:27-3:39)
4. Steps Jan Koch took to change the business’ focus (3:40-5:50)
5. Summary (5:51-6:55 )

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