4 Steps to the “Take My Money” Proposal

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Tired of all your proposals being rejected?

You’re not the only one. We’ve all been there. But there’s a game changer that would dramatically improve your proposal conversion rates.

Yes – you can now cut off the hours and quickly create a proposal that’d win all your clients.

Watch this video as Lee Jackson shares the “secret” framework he follows for structuring his proposals. With his four steps strategy focused on understanding, planning, demonstrating, and personalizing, your clients will be obliged to say the three magical words: Take My Money.

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📖 What You’ll Learn:

1. Introduction (0:00 – 00:38)
2. Rejected Proposals & Bad Close Rates (0:39 – 01:52)
3. Creating a Proposal in Under an Hour (01:53 – 02:31)
4. 4 Simple Steps for a Successful Proposal (02:32 – 02:59)
5. Understand What Your Customer Wants (03:00 – 03:23)
6. Give a Plan (03:24 – 03:36)
7. Demonstrate Some Social Proof(03:37 – 03:50)
8. Personalize (03:51 – 04:54)
9. 3 Step Framework + Personalization (04:55 – 05:34)
10. Recapping the Strategy (05:35 – 06:26)
11. Personalization Takes Time! (06:27 – 6:52)
12. How Do You Create Your Proposals? (6:53 – 07:23)

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