4 Email Newsletters You Can Send to Existing Clients Today

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Struggling with being your client’s first choice, even after delivering AWESOME projects?

You’re not alone!

Keeping your relationship alive with your clients can be challenging, especially in today’s competitive world.

But we have got this sorted for you.

With Jan’s four newsletters, you’ll never struggle with getting back onto your client’s radar. Use these newsletters and strengthen your email marketing game!

Watch Jan Koch as he unfolds the email newsletter templates you can use to continually add value for the clients even after the project is over!

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📖 What You’ll Learn:

1. Introduction 0:00 – 1:40
2. Why Should You Use Email Marketing 1:41- 3:25
3. Email Newsletter Templates 3:26 – 4:24
Template #1: Reference Industry News and Highlights 4:25 – 4:52
Template #2: Give Advice on Past Campaigns 4:53 – 5:21
Template #3: Share Your Exciting Work 5:22 – 6:28
Template #4: Share a Personal Story 6:29 – 7:48
4. Summary 7:49 – 8:47

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