10 Ways To Stay Social While Social Distancing: Self Care During COVID-19

A few months ago, working from home sounded like a dream. Now, thanks to a global pandemic and the ever-looming threat of COVID-19, students, parents, workers, and business owners are stuck at home, doing their part to #flattenthecurve. Many of you are under shelter-in-place orders, leaving home only for the essentials, and the rest are carefully practicing social distancing, avoiding gatherings of more than 10 people and staying at least six feet apart.

We’re right there with you.

“Loneliness is psychologically poisonous; it increases sleeplessness, depression, as well as immune and cardiovascular problems,” says Stanford psychologist Jamil Zaki. “In fact, chronic loneliness produces a similar mortality risk to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. We must do the right thing for public health and shelter-in-place now, but if doing so produces chronic, widespread loneliness, a long-term mental and physical health crisis might follow this viral one.”

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation — Zaki suggests reframing it as “socializing from a distance.”

So how do you connect virtually during Covid-19? We have a few ideas for some serious self care during coronavirus. Found out games to play during quarantine at home and the best app to use during Covid. We’ll give you some positive and easy ways to stay productive during quarantine – not to fear – there are ways to still stay social during social distancing! And for more extended tips go to: https://www.dreamhost.com/blog/ways-to-stay-social-in-distancing-age/

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